MO Flute Society is a student organization at the University of Missouri. We organize masterclasses, recitals, and lectures for the educational enjoyment of flutists in the community. 

Founded in 2012 by the Mizzou Flute Studio under Professor Alice K. Dade, the purpose of MO Flute Society is to create an educational community for flutists of all levels which promotes musical growth through teaching, scholarship, listening, and performance opportunities.

To do this, MO Flute Society brings prominent flutists, vendors, and musicians to Mizzou’s campus and hosts recitals, masterclasses, and lectures that are FREE to the public. In Spring 2018 alone, MO Flute hosted a total of nine free-to-the-public events. All of our events allow participants the opportunity to meet the guests and work intimately with the program material.

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